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  • $10.00

    Some would say, “Now is not the time to talk about race in politics. America is divided and needs to be united.” Alice Patterson’s book demonstrates that now is the time to discuss what has divided us and how to bring transformation to our nation. Race is at the forefront of our nation. Many people think they have heard too much. But do they have answers?

    This book is an invitation to step into the Grand Canyon of all breaches in America—the division between Black evangelicals who are mostly Democrats and White Evangelicals who are mostly Republicans. It will lead you through Alice’s personal discovery about racism—the personal and corporate kinds, as well as the overt and the unconscious.

    In this book you will find reconciliation and racial healing in an unlikely place—the political arena. Is God interested in politics? Does He want you to get involved? Can ordinary citizens have real power instead of just influence? Can we empower evil powers without even realizing it? Is tolerance a virtue or a sin? All the answers and more are found in Bridging the Racial and Political Divide.

    This book will help you to understand how to bring change on the:

    • The personal level
    • The governmental level
    • The strategic spiritual level
  • $5.00

    This booklet is a look at the history of the two major political party’s views and actions on civil rights from 1840-1964. It is a side by side comparison of the platforms of the two parties and also includes historical information (including record votes for key civil rights legislation) to help citizens of faith make informed decisions about their involvement in, and voting for, a political party. Comes in a pack of 10. Call 210-213-9115 for discounts on large quantities over 100

  • $5.00

    A national party platform is a document produced every four years by the representatives of a political party during it’s national convention to nominate a presidential candidate. The platform declares to the public that party’s vision, beliefs and values, and its legislative plan and policy positions on important issues of the day. Comes in a pack of 10. Call 210-213-9115 for discounts on large quantities over 100.

  • $5.00

    Una Plataforma Política de Partido Nacional es un documento producido cada cuatro años por los representates de un Partido Político durante su convención nacional para nominar a un candidato presidencial. La plataforma declara al público la cisión, creencias y valores del partido y su plan legislativo, linea de conducta, y posiciones en asuntos importantes del día. Viene en paquete de 10 folletos. Folletos en Español. Puedes llamar al 210-213-9115 para descuentos en cantidades de más de 100.