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Welcome to Justice at the Gate. Scan our website or take a deep dive into some of our resources. Whether you’re interested in racial healing, government or Israel, you may find information of interest or instruction.

Justice at the Gate has worked through building coalitions. So the success of various organizations led by our founder beginning in 1984 in the governmental arena, to racial healing in 1994 and now Israel in 2016, has always been due to building platforms for others to stand upon. The outcomes are shared achievements.

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Aligning with God’s heart for the Land of Israel and for His Chosen People

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Alice Patterson's Book

Bridging the Political & Racial Divide: How Godly Politics Can Transform a Nation

Some would say, “Now is not the time to talk about race in politics. America is divided and needs to be united.” Alice Patterson’s book demonstrates that now is the time to discuss what has divided us and how to bring transformation to our nation.  Race is at the forefront of our nation.  Many people think they have heard too much.  But do they have answers?

This book is an invitation to step into the Grand Canyon of all breaches in America—the division between Black evangelicals who are mostly Democrats and White Evangelicals who are mostly Republicans.  It will lead you through Alice’s personal discovery about racism—the personal and corporate kinds, as well as the overt and the unconscious.

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