Building strategic partnerships to mobilize Christians to stand with Israel, to engage in racial reconciliation and to participate in the governmental process.


Empowering believers in God's presence through repentance, reconciliation and engagement in the governmental process to impact the US and Israel through :
  • Building strategic partnerships to connect with key ethnic leaders
  • Preparing a place of healing in God's presence by continuing the reconciliation work of black and white abolitionists
  • Empowering people of faith to impact our nation by connecting their faith values to electoral choices, evidenced by the power of the ballot
  • Opening doors of access to government by educating and connecting the faith community to dedicated believers serving in government
  • Introducing believers to dedicated Israelis standing for God's promises to restore the Land of Israel to the Children of Israel and to bring the exiles home to Israel




Learn how to become involved on this website or contact our office at:

Justice At The Gate
P.O. Box 681148
San Antonio, TX 78268