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Bridging the Political & Racial Divide:
How Godly Politics Can Transform a Nation


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Some would say, “Now is not the time to talk about race in politics. America is divided and needs to be united.” Alice Patterson’s book demonstrates that now is the time to discuss what has divided us and how to bring transformation to our nation.  Race is at the forefront of our nation.  Many people think they have heard too much.  But do they have answers?

 This book is an invitation to step into the Grand Canyon of all breaches in America—the division between Black evangelicals who are mostly Democrats and White Evangelicals who are mostly Republicans.  It will lead you through Alice’s personal discovery about racism—the personal and corporate kinds, as well as the overt and the unconscious

In this book you will find reconciliation and racial healing in an unlikely place—the political arena.  Is God interested in politics?  Does He want you to get involved?  Can ordinary citizens have real power instead of just influence?  Can we empower evil powers without even realizing it? Is tolerance a virtue or a sin?  All the answers and more are found in Bridging the Racial and Political Divide. 

This book will help you to understand how to bring change on the:

  • The personal level
  • The governmental level
  • The strategic spiritual level


What Others Are Saying

“Alice poses a sobering question: Why are Black and White evangelicals, who agree theologically, so divided by race, especially in politics? This book is devoted to providing the answer, not only to the causes of the divide but, most importantly, to show how to bridge it so that God’s presence and power can be brought into the political arena to make this world a better place.”
Ed Silvoso
Author, Anointed for Business and Transformation

“In this book, my good friend, Alice Patterson, the granddaughter of a deceased Ku Klux Klan member, presents a thorough, incisive, serious, and compelling story about how God dealt with her concerning racism. Alice tells the heartfelt story of the principles she learned, the evil structures she discovered, and reveals the God-given strategies to dismantle the structures. This book touches on race relations, politics, hidden Black history, and most of all, repentance and reconciliation. A wealth of information can be learned from this rich and interesting study.”
Willie F. Wooten
Author, Breaking the Curse Off Black America

“No where in this country among the 568 tribes of Indians have we ever had a document as clear as Bridging the Racial and Political Divide. I’ve wondered for many years if any book would hit the streets with so vital information of bringing back true reconciliation of the truth that could heal the wounds of my people. I’ve found such a book in the pages of this vital document.”
Dr. Jay Swallow
Co-founder, Two Rivers Native American Training Center, Bixby, Oklahoma

“When God looked and sought for someone to stand in America’s political gap, we are so fortunate that He found Alice Patterson! There isn’t a person in America that understands race, politics and God’s heart for reconciliation like Alice does. As you read this book, the scriptures will come alive, and God’s love and desire for unity will invade your heart. Unto that end, this book is part of God’s history of faithfulness through an incredible intercessor. For many of you, this book will be a watershed moment that will mark you for life.”
William Ford III
Hilkiah Ministries, Fort Worth, Texas
Author, Created for Influence; Co author, History Makers

“Alice Patterson is a brave woman. She lives and ministers for God in the government arena, and she has learned well how to influence the political machine for righteousness. In this book she has taken the bold and courageous step of exposing pernicious racism in our nation and in our churches. This is a penetrating, provoking, and practical book that all who have a hope for reforming our society in our times must read and absorb!”
C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor
Wagner Leadership Institute

“At last, a book that uncovers the spiritual realities of how politics works. Alice Patterson provides principles for healing the racial and political divides that we must address for real change in America.”
Laurraine Huffman
Target 7 Ministries, El Paso, Texas

New book! Bridging the Racial & Political Divide: How Godly Politics Can Transform a Nation, by Alice Patterson. 272 pages. Price: $10.00.

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This booklet is a look at the history of the two major political party's
views and actions on civil rights from 1840-1964. It is a side by side
comparison of the platforms of the two parties and also includes historical
information (including record votes for key civil rights legislation) to
help citizens of faith make informed decisions about their involvement in,
and voting for, a political party.

A national party platform is a document produced every four years by the representatives of a political party during it's national convention to nominate a presidential candidate. The platform declares to the public that party's vision, beliefs and values, and its legislative plan and policy positions on important issues of the day.

Civil Rights Version: Democrats and Republicans in Their Own Words

Specific Biblical Issues of Democrats and Republicans in Their Own Words
Also Available in Spanish

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